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Raphaela Vogel is now represented by Petzel Gallery.

Maxwell Rabb
Oct 30, 2023 6:48PM, via Petzel Gallery

Portrait of Raphaela Vogel. Photo by Paul Sochacki. Courtesy of the artist and Petzel Gallery.

Raphaela Vogel, who lives and works in Berlin, has joined Petzel Gallery’s roster of artists. The New York gallery will showcase Vogel’s debut exhibition at its Chelsea location in January 2024, complemented by an artist talk and live performance at the Goethe-Institut.

“Raphaela Vogel is one of the most outstanding younger artists working in Germany these days,” said Friedrich Petzel, the gallery’s founder. “I was excited seeing her exhibition at the De Pont Museum in Tilburg and her eclectic use of film, sculpture, and drawing has no comparison in contemporary culture. I’m honored to work on her behalf.”

Born in 1988 in Nuremberg, Germany, Vogel is known for her innovative multimedia installations blending elements of sculpture, sound, and moving images. Her immersive works transport viewers into dystopian landscapes informed by local myths, the natural world, and digital technology. Her work weaves together paradoxes and complex narratives of modern existence, inviting audiences to question their perceptions.

Raphaela Vogel, Können und Müssen (Ability and Necessity), 2022. Courtesy of Petzel Gallery.

Her sculptures, like Können und Müssen (Ability and Necessity) (2022), shown at the 2022 Venice Biennale, depict haunting representations of animals that evoke the unsettling interplay between the man-made and natural worlds.

“There are many of my favorite artists on the alphabetical artist list of Petzel,” said Vogel. “One of them is Corinne Wasmuht. To be followed by her in the alphabet is too good to be true…”

Vogel will continue her relationships with other galleries that represent her, including BQ in Berlin, Gregor Staiger in Zurich, and Meyer Kainer in Vienna. The artist will present solo exhibitions in 2024 at Kunsthalle Gießen in Germany and the Centre d’Art Contemporain – La Synagogue de Delme in France.

Maxwell Rabb
Maxwell Rabb is Artsy’s Staff Writer.